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FLIR FIELDTECH is a modular analysis system specifically designed to provide farmers with critical information all year round about their harvest—for example, where fertiliser is needed, or when to start the harvest. It can be equipped with add-ons for different functions, and the modular system would give the farmers the freedom to customise the tool for their specific needs. FLIR FIELDTECH is a versatile tool that can be easily adapted for every imaginable situation.

The problem with most similar field analysis tools on the market is that they serve singular functions, are expensive and not ergonomically designed. The aim of FLIR FIELDTECH is, therefore, to combine all the tools and technologies into a single system that is uncomplicated and inexpensive. The final product consists of a main ergonomic handheld unit and three different add-ons that provide all the necessary farming information. The information can be further synced to a smart device or other farming tools. FLIR FIELDTECH finds a new product application and sector for Flir's infrared technology.


FLIR FIELDTECH provides farmers with critical information about their harvest in a single versatile tool.


Ruben Eriksson
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