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Expressive Wearable

Expressive Wearable uses clothing as a loud-and-clear communication tool to express the wearer's dismay at unwanted or unsavoury interaction. The hat is adorned with small fans that will fold and unfold when the wearer is accosted with loud noise, bright lights or a body that comes too close.

Expressive Wearable explores clothing as a communication tool. Inspired by haute couture, which is not designed for daily wear but for making definitive statements. This project imagines a scenario in which clothing directly expresses the wearer’s attitude. More broadly, the project explores how people might playfully use wearables that move and gesture, of what aesthetics these will be, and how wearables might interact with each other in a group situation.

The project further proposes that the interaction process and behaviour should be co-authored with designer, user and surroundings. The action of the hat is not entirely controlled by the designer or wearer. It acts on its own, it does make mistakes, but it brings dramatic and performative interactive engagement. 

This project speaks up in silence and provokes social conventions by speculating the complexity of human psychological behaviours. Human beings are complex creatures with ambiguous emotional behaviours and actions, but such vague ambiguity has produced a humanity that is fascinating and culturally rich. This project tries to inject such ambiguity into interaction design. It welcomes different interpretation from the audience that would also enrich the interaction itself. To watch the hat in action, please visit:


Sangli Li
United States


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