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Eco-vehicles (EVs) are the vehicles of the future, but most people do not understand what they are or how they work affecting eco-friendly mobility consumption. EV Life Tool seeks to address this issue by offering a wide range of services that serve as a complete guide to eco-vehicles.

It starts by helping users understand the differences in typology between EVs before prompting them with a series of simple questionnaires. Their answers help to tailor vehicle recommendations specific to their lifestyles and personalised tips for EV use, which can then be shared on social media.


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EV Life Tool

EV Life Tool is an easy-to-use system that helps people make the transition to eco-vehicles by providing a host of services. It ranges from customised recommendations for eco-vehicle based on users’ lifestyles to dealership guidance as well as booking test drives and purchasing vehicle.


Hyundai Motor Company, South Korea
Team Lead: Hyun Dong-Jin
Design: Han Jimin, Lee Jia, Dr. Park Jung-Mi

Propelland, United States
Team Lead: Siddharth Vanchinathan
At this stage, the system shifts seamlessly from educational portal to shopping assistant by presenting a second menu of services designed to make EV purchase as user-friendly and painless as possible. First, direct links to manufacturer sites are provided to help users learn more about vehicle specifications and options. Then the system helps users locate the nearest dealerships, even allowing them to book test drives directly from the site.  As a complete re-imagination of the prepurchase journey, EV Life Tool will eventually be applied to Hyundai’s IONIQ global website.
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