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Ko Hyunseon, Shin Daji
South Korea

Element Capsule

Element Capsule is an interactive toy content that provides an easy way to learn the basics of chemistry.
Chemical properties are not noticeable physically, but students are often required to memorise periodic tables in school. The designers asked themselves, “What would be a more fun and creative way to understand chemistry instead of cramming our brains with periodic tables?” The world consists of elements, and hence chemistry can be made more relevant by showing how it is ever-present in everyday life. The user can learn about the elements, molecular binding and chemical reactions through an Augmented Reality (AR) application, which makes the learning process more enjoyable.
The 118 elements are visually represented by interesting characters, and the chemical properties of the elements are communicated using different colours, shapes and facial expressions that are incorporated into the character designs. For example, Hydrogen is the oldest element in the universe and has explosive properties. As such, the Hydrogen character is designed with a long beard, horns and flaming red hair.
All the element characters are individually packaged into Capsules with its chemical name, number, properties, atomic weight inscribed. This also serves as a marker for AR application. The material used for the band in the middle of the capsule indicates if the element is a metallic or non-metallic one. Both sides of the structure are magnetic, making it possible to attach the Capsules. When one element is physically attached to another, a video clip will show how both elements combine to form a new matter. These combinations can be saved in application’s archive and reviewed at a later time.


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