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Electrorun Safety Wrench (ER) is a new tool that combines the power of a conventional hydraulic torque wrench, the speed of a nut runner and the reliability of the safety nut. This new concept improves the performance of operators by aiding them through the whole process, from carrying tools on site to the actual tightening. It is meant to change the future of ‘extreme bolting’, which can be a hazardous task.

All tools are reduced to the ER, a hydraulic pump and the dual hose. Making it super simple to connect all the components helps avoiding mistakes or issues with coupling and leakage. In addition, ER has a clear differentiation of the grip areas and the pinch points, keeping the operator’s hands safe, even when using the electric run-down of the nut (double grip activation). When all is done, the operator only has to leave the wrench locked in place (safety flaps) and set up the pump to get the loading started. Finally, smart feedback is given clearly via the light ring, which will tell the operator when the couplings are connected (blue), when the electric nut runner is rotating (blinking), if the wrench is applying the load (blinking) and finally, if the torque has been applied correctly (green/red).

Electrorun Safety Wrench - Atlas Copco

Electrorun Safety Wrench is a handheld torque wrench with extra safety features for tightening and loosening of high-loaded bolts.


Alejandro Mandrión Moreno
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