Types of Categories

There are 34 categories to select from. Each category name is deliberately vague and broad to encourage unhindered imagination and innovation. The list of examples following each categories are samples and should not limit your entry. A single design concept can be submitted multiple times under different categories if the concept has attributes that is fitting to different categories.

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Artificial limbs, prosthetics, exoskeletons, hearing aids, speech devices, neurostimulation devices, brain computer interfaces, robotics, artificial organs, implants, devices or equipment that enhance or maintain the physical body through electronics, mechanics and/or robotics, bio-nanomachines



Baby and children toys, baby and children games, bath toys, dolls, character toys, building blocks, play food, play house, tricycles, bicycles, helmets, pads and safety, skates, car seats, child safety, children furniture, playroom furniture, cots, strollers, clothing, harnesses, carriers, feeding



Interactive multimedia display systems, mobile phones, telephones, messaging devices and services, remote conferencing, presentation and meeting facilitation devices and wireless communication, multi-lingual communication, cross cultural communication, visual communication, services or apps that enable better communication, mass communication systems



Hob, hood, griller, refrigerator, strainers, colanders, ovens, blenders, barbecue related cookware, outdoor cooking, toasters, cooking pots, pans, knifes, cutlery, tableware, plates, trays, bowls, glass, cups, commercial kitchen equipments, coffee machines and equipment, tea sets, innovative food, new cuisine


Domestic Aid

Home appliances, vacuum cleaners, washing machines,dryers, water dispenser, dishwashers, fan, humidifier, air ioniser, heaters, radiator, fire place, air conditioners, boilers, garbage disposal, domestic robots



Teaching aids, stationery, back to school supplies, classroom design, toys for pre-school learning, educational games and apps, self learning devices, behavioural correction tools and apps, public campaigns, adult learning, mature learning, devices that focus attention or systems that reward learning.



Batteries, generators, solar energy devices, wind energy devices, thermal energy devices, electric energy, nuclear energy, energy grid, Energy conservation, renewable energy, alternate energy, new sources of energy, energy independent devices, energy recovery, energy efficiency, energy storage and distribution



Hifi system, home theatre systems, cinemas, audio systems, karaoke systems, microphones, televisions, virtual reality devices, augmented reality devices, speakers, sound bars, amplifiers, media streaming players, audio-visual players, in-transport entertainment services or products, under water entertainment products, digital cameras, video cameras, content dissemination devices or services, performance props and equipment



Wearable innovations and technology: watches, eyewear, swimwear, clothes, ties, bowties, belts, thermal wear, bags, hats, hair accessories, footwear, rings, necklaces, earrings, wallets, luggage


Flora and Fauna

Devices, gadgets or products not made for humans. Harvesting devices, farm tools and equipment, botany equipment, growth encouragement, gardening tools, watering devices, pots, sprinklers, hydroponic devices, pollination devices, pet toys, pet accessories, pet beddings and cages, pet tracking devices, pet health devices, prosthetics for animals, aquarium and accessories



Home furniture, office furniture, outdoor furniture, AV furniture, food and beverages outlet furniture, seats, sofas, armchairs, chairs, rocking chairs, stools, bar stools, benches, beds, day beds, sofa beds, recliner, chaise lounges, bedside table, dinning table, bar table, dressing tables, wardrobes, cupboards, closets, bookcases, cabinets, shelves, room dividers, storage solutions, tables



Sustainable design, recycle, reuse, waste reduction, reforestation, long life products, environment protection and preservation, reduce or reverse global warming, desalinisation, devices with zero or minimum carbon footprint, sustainable food source, organics, clean water provision, water saving devices, low energy buildings and infrastructure



Architecture, tree houses, mobile homes, space stations, underwater homes, capsules, intelligent homes, urban design, disaster rapid deployment housing, tents, marquees, low cost housing, bomb shelters, animal shelters, homeless shelters, enclosed areas, interior design, interior architecture.



Lamps, table light, floor lights, pendant lights, ceiling lights, chandelier, working lights, light bulbs, light fixtures, recessed lights, outdoor lighting, lighting systems, track lights, exhibition lighting, flood lights, emergency lights, , therapeutic lights, intelligent lights, reactive lights, decorative lights, portable lights, use of natural light, new ways of creating lights



Power tools, hand tools, industrial equipment, scaffolding, construction equipment, conveyor belts, forklifts, hydraulic jacks, levellers, measuring tools, automation equipment, laboratory equipment and furniture, factory and warehouse equipment and furniture



User interface design, UX,devices or services that promote or enable better interaction, x4software application, interactive displays,  interactive exhibitions, object-human interaction, environment-human interaction


Interior Elements

Pots and vases, decorative accessories, curtains, clocks, bins, clothing racks, magazine and newspaper organisers, blind systems, stairs, doors and gates, windows, walls, ceilings, flooring, carpets, door handle, pipes, railings,screens, interior fabrics, pillows, sheets, fittings, electrical systems, switches, interior acoustics, surface finishes


Life Science

Health enhancing devices, wellness devices, massage chairs, wheel chairs, hospital beds, medical devices,, medical equipment, medical supplies, diagnostic instruments, patient monitors, treatment tables, surgical equipments, ambulances, orthopaedic supports, pacers, therapies, rehabilitation aid, prescription management,  exercise and fitness equipment, fitness and health tracker



New materials with desirable characteristics, smart materials, light manipulation materials, new application of existing materials, textile, fabrics, biomaterials, nanotechnology materials, polymers, alloys, composites, ceramics, glass, semi-conductors


Mobile Life

Products, services or app that assist and enhance connectivity and continual productivity while on the move. Mobile devices and accessories, power bank, cloud storage supported devices, smart watches, ID Key, intelligent helmets or eyewear, portable office, mobile homes, tools utility case, travel adaptor, travel router, bags, backpack, luggage, remote work enabler, noise cancellation devices



Mass transportation, vehicles, boats, aeroplanes, rail, trains, helicopters, bicycles, cars, electric scooters, motorcycles, spacecraft, hybrid amphibious vehicles, remote control robotics, automotive engineering, buses, public transportation, transport productivity devices, , autonomous vehicles, personal transportation devices


Personal Hygiene

Faucets, bathtubs, sanitary ware, fixtures, lavatory, wash basin, shower, mixer, urinal, soap dispenser, toilet seat cleaning system, washroom for the disabled or for rural regions, washroom accessories, hand dryers, baby change.



Board games, computer games, app games, team games, game shows,, gaming devices, amusement parks and rides, playgrounds, casino products, toys, radio controlled vehicles, drones, hobbies, adult toys, magic tricks gadgets and tools



Safety tools, safety gear, safety wear, safety shoes, workwear, helmets, masks, gloves, alarms devices and systems, fire extinguishers,insect and pest control, defence against diseases, child safety, sports safety, body and face guards


Public Space

Bridges, street lighting, roads, beaches, outdoor seating, street information signages, shelters, bus-stops, traffic systems, car parks, public parks, communal buildings, community infrastructure, free access spaces.



Sporting equipment, sports wear, dance equipment, water sports equipment, extreme sports equipment, yoga and exercise apps and equipment, musical apps and instruments, camping and hiking equipment,, arts and crafts, hobbies, parks



Sauna, spa, massage equipment and devices, virtual reality devices, modular sauna and steam room, jacuzzi, aromatherapy equipment and system, meditation, equipment and app to induce good sleep, stress management devices, apps and services, sleep related products, sleep mask, noise reducer, pillows, mattresses, bed



Home, buildings, environment, asset and personal security, anti-theft and anti-infiltration devices, safes, locks, panic rooms, homeland security, national defence, border security,surveillance, environment monitoring system and devices, alarms, detention solutions, parameter security



Bringing value add or positive experiences, complementary benefits, conveniences, efficiencies with the support of  an app, or a device, or good space design, or better process, or better information. Ticketing services, payment services, medical services, emergency services, ordering services, banking services, travel services, concierge services, transport services, delivery services, laundry and cleaning services, repair services, warranty services, maintenance services, customisation services, public and governmental services, childcare services, event services



Innovative packaging design, reusable packaging, packaging with alternative use, reactive surfaces, coatings, tactile surfaces, intelligent surfaces, protection of a product, water-proofing, mobile phone covers, product covers, car protectors



Intelligent way finding, GPS devices, navigational devices, computing devices, personal productivity devices, assistive tools, organisers and reminders, gear and gadgets that makes tasks easy


Third Age

Any devices, equipment, products or services designed specifically for, or with consideration of men and women over 50 years of age, to encourage active living. Easy access vehicles and transportation system, medical alert systems, wearable personal lighting systems,  arthritis friendly input devices, magnifiers, bath aids



Suitcases, backpacks, travel and navigation apps and devices, language convertors, exchange rate convertors, travel kits, electrical socket adaptors,  travel wear, in-transport services, apps and devices, home communication, security and safety devices, cameras, travelogue facilitating devices or apps, emergency devices, services or apps



Computers, notebooks, servers,shredder, printers, copiers, scanners, routers, wifi devices, barcode scanners, POS system, cable management, shelving, system furniture, office furniture, partitions, working desk, office chairs, meeting tables and chairs, office reception furnitures, privacy areas, hot desking systems and furniture, virtual office, home office, work lamps