Submit an entry

You are able to submit your entries at the “Submit Your Prepared Entry for Judging” page.

– Indicate which entry you would like to submit.

– Click on “Submit” above checked entries for judging.

– Check your entries carefully before clicking on “Submit”.

IMPORTANT: No amendments may be made after the entries have been submitted


After clicking on submit, you will be directed to Payment summary.

In the payment summary page, you will also see the “Promotion code” field – if you have a promotion code, input into the relevant field. Click on “validate promotion code” to determine if the code can be used.

Click on “Update Amount” to determine the new payment summary.

If you do not have a promotion code, proceed to the next step.
Select payment method

Select your preferred payment method: Credit Card or Alipay.

If at any point, the credit card or Alipay transaction is disrupted or cancelled, the entry will not be submitted. The entry will remain in “Submit your draft entry”. You may try to submit the entry again.

After payment is successful, you will receive an email with the Entry ID of the entry. The entries may also be viewed at the “Status and results” section of the participant portal. The status of the entry will indicate “Pending pre-judging” or “Pending final judging”, the action will show “No action required”.