Submission Format

Presentation board requirements

– jpg format only
– 5 pages or less
– Maximum 2Mb or less in file size for each page
– A3 sized
– portrait orientation
– Font size: at least 12 points
– Text is clear and readable
– bottom left corner: page numbers and total number of pages
– Remove all organisation’s logo, names and images of designers.

Presentation boards are to be submitted via participant portal.

Video format requirements

– Maximum 300Mb file size
– format: avi, mp4, mov, wmv
– duration: 3 minutes or less

Videos may be submitted from 22 Mar – 16 May 2018, except when otherwise instructed. Provide a download link at the “prepare your entry” or final judging application form. Recommended website links include vimeo, dropbox, google drive, or baidu.