Prepare your entry to the award

Complete the following entry information:

Title of Work – name of your concept

Concept Category – see Types of design concepts and Types of categories

Date of Creation – the date of creation of your concept

Entrant Type – Are you submitting this entry as a Company, Small Company, Design Studio, Institution, Individual Designer, or Group of designers?

Presentation Language ?

  • From 2 January to 21 March, you may upload your presentation boards in English, German, Chinese or Korean.
  • From 22 March to 16 May, you may only upload your boards to us in English.

University Project – Indicate if this concept is a school project, this information has no bearing during adjudication as all entrant information are removed during judging. However, if it wins, it is considered into the Red Dot Design Ranking for Universities.

Upload A3 Presentation? Max 5 pages, 2Mb per file

  • See “Submission format” for the format requirements of the entry boards.
  • Click on the box marked with “Page 1”, to start your upload process.

For participants preparing entries after 21 March (see competition process), the following will be requested:

Video download link  At this step, opt to include a video to your entry. Include a download link for a video if you would like to include a video.

Prototype  Click “Yes” if you are sending a prototype. Click “No”, if you are not sending a prototype.

Dimensions of prototype – Fill in the “Dimensions of prototype” (in metres).

Return of prototype

  • Click Yes, if you want the prototype returned. Fill in the dimensions (in metres) and weight (in kilograms) of the packed prototype.
  • Return shipping will be arranged from 3 September.
  • If the prototype is oversized, please contact us with package dimensions and weight.

Save – Save your entry so that you may submit it now or at a later date, you will then be directed to the main page.