Final judging application

Upon clicking final judging application, you will view your entry information.


If the entry boards were submitted in a language other than English, you have the option of uploading* new files of your entry in English or purchase translation services.

*Please do not make changes to your entry, provide the entry boards in English.

For Non-English entries:

Please also complete the following:

Video download link  At this step, opt to include a video to your entry. Include a download link for a video if you would like to include a video.
Prototype  Click “Yes” if you are sending a prototype. Click “No”, if you are not sending a prototype.
Dimensions of prototype – Fill in the “Dimensions of prototype” (in metres).
Return of prototype

  • Click Yes, if you want the prototype returned. Fill in the dimensions (in metres) and weight (in kilograms) of the packed prototype.
  • Return shipping will be arranged from 3 September.
  • If the prototype is oversized, please contact us with package dimensions and weight.

For English entries:

After clicking on submit, you will be directed to Payment summary.


Select your preferred payment method, Credit Card or Alipay. Once payment is complete, the status of the entry will indicate “Pending final judging”, the action will show “No action required”.


If at any point, the credit card or Alipay transaction is disrupted or cancelled, the final judging application will not be submitted. Please complete the “Final Judging Application” again to submit the entry for final judging

Status and results