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Barberian is a brand concept for men’s hair accessories. It celebrates manhood and is perfectly suited for men with character and inner strength.


Agencja Reklamowa Opus B, Poland
Team Lead: Zuzanna Sadlik
Design: Arkadiusz Tkacz
Long facial hair, man buns or male ponytails have become a symbol of masculinity in many subcultures. Men of any profession can take take pride in their hairstyles and yet, there are very few accessories specifically designed for men with long hairstyles, or just men in general. In most cases, they have to use female or unisex hair products, which do not embody enough masculinity.


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Stylish men inspired the designers to create Barberian for a market dominated by women’s hair accessories. It matches their uniqueness, strength and appeal and encourages men to be bold in an orderly and predictable world of etiquette.

Barberian’s hair accessories celebrate masculinity with a classic and sleek all-black range of products – a colour chosen to suit men with character and inner strength perfectly. Barberian’s packaging stands out and tells the brand story despite its small and compact design.
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