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Amphibious Joint-lifeguard UAV

Amphibious Joint-lifeguard UAV is a remote controlled assistance for beach lifeguards. It moves higher than beach crowds to patrol the area or co-rescue swimmers, surfers, and other water sports participants who are in danger.


Sarsenbek Hazken


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Amphibious Joint-lifeguard UAV is designed to assist beach lifeguards in their task of beach and water surveillance. Positioned on a patrol tower, it stands higher than the beach crowd to get a clear overview of the area. When employed, it flies overhead for ground patrol and serves as co-rescue equipment when swimmers, surfers, and other water sports participants are in danger. This charging patrol tower can also be installed on the back of the lifeguard’s pick-up truck. 

On the patrol tower, the Amphibious Joint-lifeguard UAV can recharge itself. The tower has a wide, funnel-shaped dock that ejects the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and allows it to return the to the dock easily. When an accident happens, both Amphibious Joint-lifeguard UAV and lifeguards will make their way towards the victim's location. Because the UAV flies faster, it is able to send updates of the victim’s situation in advance. The UAV is designed in the shape of a symmetric surfboard so that victims in the water can grab or climb onto the back of the UAV, and the lifeguard can “pull” the victim back to the coast via remote control.

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