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AMIROSIX is a highly compact mobile beauty studio that makes things easier by accommodating all makeup and skincare needs within it.


Shenzhen Accompany Tech Co., Ltd, China
Team Lead: Li Messizon
Design: Chen Elaine, Chen Hongjing, Li Quanwei, Li Shui, Liu Xianglin, Tang Jordan, Wang Neo, Zheng Dean, Zou Zhenmeng
AMIROSIX focuses on versatility and portability. As a compact beauty studio, it packs 6 times more products into a relatively small volume that easily fits into suitcases, backpacks and handbags. The outer shell of AMIROSIX is made in a cutting-edge rubber-based Electroplate technology and opens up into a useful scratch-resistant mirror. Inside, the beauty studio comprises a multi-purpose brush, 6 lip colours in a lipstick, a liquid container with 6 compartments, a facial mask maker and a palette with 6 types of powders and creams. Together, they fulfil every single beauty need that a user needs.
In AMIROSIX, the brush applies a micro push-pull mechanism that transforms into brushes of different sizes for every purpose. Inspired by NASA’s origami-mechanism project, AMIROSIX uses a similar structure to fold and unfold the lipstick film – the creative structure enables different colour lipstick films to be loaded and one simply has to twist the base to choose a colour. To facilitate all the different skincare products that the user needs, a liquid bottle is divided into 6 capsules for different categories of cream and liquid.
Lastly, inspired by a compressed towel, AMIROSIX has a facial mask maker and six solvents so that the user can generate 6 different masks depending on their needs. For more options, a mobile APP also allows users to pick colours from a colour tank with RGB, Black, White and Sparkles, and from different formulae to create customisable makeup colour palettes.


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