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With a system of gyroscopes and pressure sensors, ADAPTIV moves air pressure throughout the shoe to support one’s bodily shifts and motions.


Leadoff Studio, United States
Team lead: Jordan Diatlo
Design: Richard Ranky SOLS
ADAPTIV is a footwear concept created by Leadoff Studio for 3D printed orthotic manufacturer, SOLS. The design looks at the potential evolution of SOLS technology in combination with other advances in fields like soft-robotics and printed circuits to create a fully 3D-printed shoe – one that is possible 5 to 10 years into the future.

ADAPTIV is built uniquely to the foot’s strategic biological point locations and dimensions. Beneath the exoskeleton is a layer of 3D printed silicone airbags with pressurised air which shifts to protect and provide comfort for the wearer’s feet as they move. It also houses a series of sensor functions that measure the foot and body’s movements in real time and adjusts the boot to fit accordingly.
ADAPTIV’s capacity for instant adaptability means that one’s footwear will constantly adjust itself to the body’s shifts and motions to prevent injury and maximise comfort. Leadoff Studio created the concept to be presented at an event hosted by Carmelo Anthony around the NBA All-Star Weekend, coinciding with Fashion Week.


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