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To make daily living more convenient, paper clips, screws, magnets and other small items need to be sorted and stored for easy access. However, there are a lot of existing storage solutions out there that are not conducive for storing such small items. 2D Storage Rack is designed for this purpose, with slots that can hold cups, bowls and containers for small items.

2D Storage Rack

Small items need to be classified for storage, while the existing storage rack solutions are better suited for storing large items. 2D Storage Rack is a simple panel with slots that can hold cups and containers for sorting small items.


Jilin University, China
Faculty Advisor: Prof. He Lianbin, Prof. Jin Jingfu
Design: Jia Zhihuan, Li Shichao, Li Tongyao, Li Yang, Li Zhixin, Wang Yue, Zhao Zuoliang, Zheng Yan
2D Storage Rack is more than a simple panel in a simple shape. It is a flexible and effective organising system. The user simply chooses a container and inserts it into a cut-out slot that suits container’s size. When not in use, the rack can be folded to a flat board to save space. A wide range of materials can be chosen to build the storage rack, such as corrugated board, wood and the like.
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