Red Dot: Luminary award, 2005 to 2016

The Red Dot: Luminary is the highest level of recognition accorded at the Red Dot Award: Design Concept. It is selected among the Red Dot: Best of the Best winners. The Red Dot: Luminary serves as an inspiration to aspire towards.


The Google Self-Driving Car prototypes are designed to drive themselves with the push of a button. They are used to test Google’s latest self-driving software and hardware and learn about the possibilities of self-driving vehicles.

Google Self-Driving Car
Google Inc., United States
Team Lead: Yoojung Ahn,
Design: Yoojung Ahn, Jared Gross, Philipp Haban


Desertification is happening in various places around the world due to global warming. Boostrac, futuristic and prepared to take on such environment, provides optimal dry performance in general and desert driving conditions.

Hankooktire Co., Ltd, South Korea
Team Lead: Oh Ho kyung
Design: Kang Seung koo, Choi Yoon jin, Samir Sadikhov

Pforzheim University, Germany
Team Lead: Prof. James Kelly


The Copenhagen Wheel transforms your bicycle into a smart electric hybrid, quickly and easily. The Wheel learns how you pedal and integrates seamlessly with your motion, multiplying your pedal power up to ten times. It makes hills feel flat and distances shrink, so you can cycle just about anywhere.

The Copenhagen Wheel
Superpedestrian Inc., United States
Team Lead: Assaf Biderman
Design: Assaf Biderman, Christine Outram, Prof. Carlo Ratti

Senseable City Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States
Team Lead: Carlo Ratti


Nest is a contemporary kit-set hen house and supporting care system designed to encourage those living in populated areas within New Zealand to keep ex-commercial (or ‘spent’) layer hens as domestic pets.

Nest – Rehoming Spent Laying Hens
Massey University, School of Design, College of Creative Arts, New Zealand
Faculty Advisors: Lyn Garrett, Emma Fox Derwin, Matthijs Silijee, John Wells
Design: Stacey Kenny


Float Base Station is a temporary emergency communication station. It can be airdropped to a disaster area to quickly restore communications.

Float Base Station
Huang Hsin Ya, Huang  Pin Chen


Microbial Home is a domestic ecosystem that challenges conventional design solutions to energy, cleaning, food preservation, lighting, human waste, and healthy lifestyles. It consists of a larder, bio-digester island, bio-light, and an effluent-filtering squatting toilet.

Microbial Home
Philips Design


The CTRUS Football brings new a dimension to a much-loved game. This airless ball uses advanced materials to emulate the bounce of an inflated ball. It also contains electronic components that communicate factors such as kick force, travel speed, and ball location.

CTRUS Football
AGENT, Mexico
Design: Michel Rojkind, Alberto Villarreal, Victor Alemán, Enrique Fernández, Issac Smeke


SIRIUS is a breast cancer scanner using ultra-sensitive infrared thermal imaging technology. It detects minute increases in surface temperature caused by chemical and blood vessel build-up surrounding cancerous tissue. The design aims to further enhance the technology’s advantages to improve both the user experience in breast cancer screening, and the ease of deployment and maintenance.

SIRIUS Breast Cancer Scanner

Resource Medical Pte Ltd, Singapore

Design Exchange Pte Ltd, Singapore
Design: Song Kee Hong, Ng Teck Tiong, Tarry Lim, Terrence Goh


The 360 replicates the sensation of snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding. Riders place their feet into the inner parts of both wheels, which puts them in a natural position to shred roads, grass or dirt hills.

Francesco Sommacal


The GM Europe Advanced Design Team was charged with creating a concept car for the Saab brand to showcase the future design direction. In search of a distinctive theme, the team looked back at Saab’s heritage as an aircraft maker and incorporated several ingenious features.

Saab AeroX Concept Car

Saab Automobile AB
GM Europe Design
Design: Bryan Nesbitt, Anthony Lo, Alex Daniel


This unique faucet visually frames flowing water in a circular fashion, giving the user a full view of the water as it falls – as if it is flowing over the top of a waterfall. The form is simple and pure. The simple form allows the design to be easily translated into a series of faucets that cater to different settings and requirements.

Ring Faucet
Lim Sun Liang


Yoga and Connection Touch by Innovation Design Center of Lenovo Group, China
The concept for the Yoga laptop is hinged on the bending of the mind. The design harmonises the personality of the user with the object of use. This multi-functional laptop is realised through the inclusion of an innovative soft hinge technology support.

Skid Scooter by Yong Jie Yu, Singapore
The Skidscooter is an amphibious leisure product based on the functions of an electric scooter on land, and a floating rider in water. Using attached propellers at the hub motor wheels, the Skidscooter is able to proper the user forward in water.

Freewill by Ahn Sang-Gyuen, South Korea
Designed as a bike for city life, Freewill is an innovative combination of two different modes of function: kick scooter and ordinary bike.