Sporty Supaheroe

The Sporty Supaheroe jacket is a cycling jacket for the urban nomad, as well as an innovative mixture of technology and fashion. The jacket is equipped with a wearable electronic system that powers LEDs. It offers improved visibility and security in the dark. Sporty Supaheroe is a new kind of digital apparel blending style with technology and practical applications for everyday life.

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A system is integrated into this high-tech cycling jacket. The wearable electronic system integrated into the Sporty Supaheroe cycling jacket includes LEDs, sensors, microcontrollers, an on-off switch, and a rechargeable battery. It is as soft as textile and encapsulated in a flexible skin. It is therefore safe, moisture resistant, and adapted for cleaning. The jacket reacts to body movements and directional changes of the wearer’s body via sensors.

The integrated technology is based on stretchable circuit board technology. It is made with thermoplastic polyurethane, onto which meandering copper conductors, microcontrollers, and further components (LEDs, sensors, and a switch) are applied. To increase safety and usability, the system is embedded into a flame-resistant, non-woven, water-repellent outer textile layer.

The system consists of four interconnected patches, each of which is equipped with sixteen LEDs (white on the front and red on the back), a motion sensor, and a microcontroller. A thin haptic switch on the front left patch allows the system to be turned on and off. A rechargeable battery supplies the necessary power for up to ten hours.

The energy-efficient electronic system can be produced serially/industrially. The ultrathin system is fastened to the lining of the jacket facing towards the outer layer. The light function of the jacket becomes visible in the translucent display areas at the front and back. Light can be seen on the surface of the jacket. The lining can be buttoned out for easy access and handling of the system.

The principle application offers increased visibility for cyclists in the dark, helping them to avoid accidents. Further possible applications are a warning-alarm function, protection against theft, and navigation. In addition to its focus on safety, Sporty Supaheroe has been designed for ease of movement, following the needs of an active and mobile wearer. Intelligent textiles and materials will keep the wearer dry and comfortable in every condition. The functional structure was inspired by hybrid forms and the lines of nature.

Sporty Supaheroe is a new kind of digital apparel, blending style with technology and practical applications for everyday life. This system has been developed in collaboration with Fraunhofer IZM in Berlin, Germany.



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