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Emo Gloves

Emo Gloves provide a simple method to promote emotional communication between people by encouraging them to hold hands. Not only does it optimise the user experience, it also discovers new use for old things.


Zhejiang University, China
Faculty Advisors: Dr. Tao Ye, Prof. Yao Cheng
Design: Zhang Xiaolian, Li Bing, Li Jiaji 

In the cold of winter, heavy clothes and the habit of putting our hands in our pockets tend to put physical distance between people and closed ones. Emo Gloves is designed for common use between two people – parent and child, lovers or friends – and they can hold hands warmly to connect physically and emotionally despite the cold. Working off the design of conventional gloves, Emo Gloves has a unique feature in the lower right corner of the palm. This feature appears as a small opening in an upturned smile and allows another hand to slip in. This simple and environmentally friendly method can be applied to all old gloves and bring about better interaction and connection on cold winter days.


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