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BT-61116B is a freestanding bathtub that can accommodate bathroom accessories that will make a bath more indulgent and enjoyable.


Opus srl for Orans Co., Ltd, Italy
Team Lead: Nilo Gioacchini
Design: Sara Zama, Mirko Lorenzini 

Orans Co., Ltd, China
Team Lead: Gloria Xu

This is a freestanding bathtub designed with metal structures that frame the tub at the two opposite ends. Accessories such as a holding tray or a pillow can be attached to these clean and simple structures. 


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With these additional accessories installed, a bath becomes an even more indulgent experience. The user can lean back comfortably with the neck supported, and enjoy the bath with a drink or a book. The circular rail of the structure allows these accessories to slide then freely positioned around the tub to suit the posture of the user.

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